Monday, January 31, 2011

A New Friend in response to contest

Here it is the first entry in the contest while not play-doh the author noted the snow was a play-doh consistency  and had fun making this movie for us.  So check out the contest in the previous blog and join the fun!

Saturday, January 29, 2011

Playdough Storytelling Contest

Start with Playdough storytelling for an idea on how this works

Make some homemade playdough , just because it's fun

Tell a story and video  a clip of it 

To  ENTER  Subscribe or follow this blog ...then

send your video clip by emailing it to me at
or a link to it posted on You-Tube!

A winner will be announced and played on this blog   Sat Feb.12, 2011

Then I will send you a cool prize via Snail mail

Go  have fun this isn't just for kids this is for everyone

Wednesday, January 26, 2011

"Galloping Horses" Tired of Snow? Green Images, Good Music

Green images on a cold and wintry day
remember summer does return!
The grass  comes  again
and the horses hooves will thunder on the valley floor
and over  hills
asleep under snow
no more

Sunday, January 23, 2011

Sleighing to Sharing the Fire

The  weather seems to think we need to break the record for all time low temps in the Northeast! That just means we need to have more people SHARING THE FIRE!  March 18-20, 2011 at the Crowne Plaza Warwick, Rhode Island storytellers from around the Northeast will gather and share in warm stories, warm hearts, healing, learning and  friendships. 

    You may have to hire the sleigh above to get there this year with old man winter dumping storm after storm on us.   Then you would surely have a story to share on the adventure of  coming to
Sharing the Fire Northeast Storytelling Conference.
 If you need to contact the sleigh please do contact my friends Terry and Elaine Joseph at their farm  860377-8110.  They do warm weather events too like my daughters wedding a few years ago! Now that was a fairy tale like day!

 Come in out of the cold and take a workshop with us!  How about catching
"The Hero's Journey as Healing Story"
with storyteller Lani Peterson.  Quoting the brochure on the conference: "From C.G. Jung to Joseph Campbell to Disney, the mythic structure of the hero's journey has been explored and utilized from every angle, but its power as a framework for clients, patients, parishioners,and storytellers to explore their own healing stories holds infinite possibilities. Bring your own life experiences and understand it by working with it from the inside out."  For more info on Lani check her website at:

Friday night the Sharing the Fire Concert 7-9 p.m. is open to the public tickets are just$10.00 and it is open to the public grab a friend and come. You can hear tellers,Lee Ellen Marvin, Doug Lipman & Elisa Pearmain along with  3 winners from Story Slams. ( that could include a wild tale of police and animals and kids and how not to get to a community service event, told by yours truly!)

  Find out more about the conference at

These tellers are honing skills to wow! you with at the Friday night performance see what they are all about at:
  Lee-Ellen Marvin      http://www.http//
      Doug Lipman 
      Elisa Pearmain

Friday, January 21, 2011

Whale of a Good Time

You could have a Whale of  a Good Time.... in New Bedford, Ma.  Tonight is the  Story Cafe held at the ArtWorks For You Gallery.  Bundle up for the cold and come  listen or share a story.  There was Hot Chocolate promised by  Story Cafe hostess/director Karen Chace. The venue is a wonderful gallery with  different exhibits coming and going. Always some eye catching pieces to admire between tellers.  Diane Edgecomb is the feature teller for this Story Cafe.

In fact you could come for the whole day and enjoy the New Bedford Whaling Museum first.  Paying homage to all that sailed from New Bedford's harbor in search of whales and the ships and lifestyle that the work created  in the sea side city.

New Bedford Whaling Museum - Whale History Education Research Humpback Whale Blue Whale

Sunday, January 16, 2011

I Love Newport RI. Do You? See Why!

This impressive spire a dominant feature of the Newport Rhode Island skyline. There is so much to enjoy on a visit to Newport. The mansions, the harbor, the shops and museums, the dinner train. I love to go out to Fort Adams State Park  and look across the harbor at the town. A sunset boat ride through the harbor is a special memory of time spent in Newport. This is a town steeped in history, take a day trip or spend a weekend. Here is an upcoming event to entice you to go:

Newport Winter Festival    401-847-7666

Feb. 18-27, 2011  
Food, music, entertainment sand sculptors, chili cook-off, scavenger hunt, ice sculpting, children's fair and more.

Wednesday, January 12, 2011

Special Edition Part 2 The Snow Pictures

Welcome to SNOW day! My goal is to get to the barn and take care of the horses. This is a photo story of this afternoons adventure. I shoveled ,caught my breath, took a picture and repeat. Kept the camera warm and dry inside my coat. Thinking of the line from TAPS, "All is well, safely rest" If you enjoy my blogs please press the "follow" button.
That's the way to get there after this mornings shoveling is snowed over.

So far so good!

But all this left to do ugh!

Impressive pile, one for the record books! I'm getting there.

In! Feed these and through to open the other side and go feed the group out back, uh..... Sorry gang it will be a few minutes delayed.

One thing about shoveling snow, no one bothers you, and having work pile up is a sign of productivity.

O.K. So no one is going out today because I cant shovel the gates free too!

Somewhere past this drift there are hungry horses! This one chest high.

I made a path!

Scout happy to see me!

John sleepy and happy to eat!

Secret listens to the howling wind!

Daybreak says " Got More?"

I'm just grateful we are all home and warm and dry now.

All our friends here at Storybook Farm are too!

We had thunder and lightning snow,
we had blowing snow,
we have wet snow
we have fluffy snow. we have snow up
we have snow down
There is snow
all around!

Blizzard of 2011 Special Edition

Pretty landscapes are a distant thought until the dangers and effects of the blizzard are subdued
Here I am reporting to you from the Blizzard of 2011 Mansfield Ct. a bit frosty

Tim working at making a path passable in our driveway

Could use a bigger tractor in this battle

the eerie glow of his lights, now where do we put all that snow?

My effort to keep a one shovel width path to the house cleared filled in 2" in an hour

Somewhere over the snowpile our horse trailer

The January 12, 2011 Blizzard Special Edition Ct. Quiet Corner Storybook Farm Report
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9:30 a.m. it is still coming down. Hard to get an accurate total in windswept Mansfield Ct. but I think there is over 2 feet of snow so far, it is still coming down. Visibility is improved but still a reduced amount. The cold wind driven snow stings at the eyes.

I am in on a coffee and cooking break. I have all our horses, goats and the 2 rabbits fed and watered. It took a massive amount of shoveling just to accomplish that. The rest of the family is still out there. Most of the work at the dairy is done for the morning. My son drove to and from work on his tractor clearing his own way. Now he has our driveway passable for the short term and gone down the road to plow his Grandfather's driveway.

We are so grateful to the manufaturers of Carhart clothes! We just would hate to attempt a storm of this caliber without our Carhart Coats, sweatshirts and coveralls.

Monday, January 10, 2011

Which hand should I hold the baton in? Be Passionate

Which hand should I hold the baton in?

The video is a definition in motion of passion.

Click and watch the video.

There is no doubt that this young man is passionate about music.

It is infectious. When we are passionate other people pay attention and try to figure out why and what makes that passion. Being passionate is a little like being contagious, who knows who will catch it!

A number of years ago I was invited to a party and saw storyteller Tom Lee perform Sir Gawain and The Green Knight, he had myself, my son and everyone else drawn into the story. I was busy watching him tell, but also the reaction, it was his realism and passion for telling that sucked the kids from their seats nearly.

It was the night I realized I wanted to be a storyteller and make this journey. I've been watching for that passion every where I go. I am following the passionate to improve my storytelling.

To show me better ways to do things. I am inspired by their talents and ideas. I draw courage from their bold new ventures. I want to have so much fun telling stories, building my business, learning all about the web, creating new written pieces, so very passionate about my work that the baton flies from my hand and I collapse in a fit of whole hearted laughter!

Won't you join me?