Friday, December 31, 2010

Tech 2011 and Not So New

Should Auld Acquaintance be forgot?

Then Now

Got a Postcard...................................... Saw that on Twitter

Kids Got a Comic Book App for animation

Newspaper.............................................Face Book

( way back Newspapers printed all the social news, guess what, its back!)

Dear Abby/Ann ................................... Oprah, Dr. Phil

Dick Tracey Watch Fossil watch

Stereoptican ..............................................slideshare

Slide show.................................................animoto

tin cans and string...................................cell phone

telegram......................................................text message

party line message



road map ...................................................GPS - recalculating

Tuesday, December 28, 2010

Jim Flanagan CT History Photo Story.m4v

Ct. is full of a rich history just waiting for storytellers to embrace it and share it. Every town has a great historic house, a mill or pond with a tale associated, a Native American legend or site and museums of every kind. Our state stories are a unique collection and fit school curriculum needs. Some of the most interesting stories are not even from heroes and wars, struggle and bravery, the best stories are from families who lived in our towns. The world spun it's way through time and all the while mothers rocked babies, fathers went out to till the fields, children walked to school and the shopkeepers watched the generations grow before their eyes. Capture a legend and story today and share it. The wealth of Ct. is her hi"story"! This photo collection will give you some ideas. Come to the Ct .Storytelling Festival in April and take a workshop on historical stories with Megan Hicks, Listen to Native American Teller Tim Tingle, or check out the Ct. Historical Society or another Ct. Museum.

Socks Without Partners

Laundry Day could be more fun! We have lived through the era of Black Socks ( they never get dirty)and now have succumbed to the sock pirates for surely they made off with a lot of single socks and left us with the basket of mismatched. I think it is time that we start up a website and support services for Socks without Partners.
Have you ever tried wearing the mismatched and feel like your feet are fighting all day? Does the left, happily clad in black crew snicker over at the right foot covered only in white ankle high. Do you wait in fear all day that someone will ask you to remove your shoes and you will have to fess up to the Sock pirates in your house.
Celebrate diversity wear the mismatched! Don't let them languish away their life expectancy in a basket. Somewhere out there a ship is sailing to port and high in the rigging is the mate your sock has been yearning for.
The music of Bill Harley helps us live in peace with our sock pirates and refresh the sibling rivalry we once enjoyed. Did you ever think that something as simple as socks and underwear could be substance for storytelling and music. Look around at life it is full of stories.

Sunday, December 26, 2010

" What Was Civil About That War..." CD Review

What Was Civil About That War... a CD by Storyteller Megan Hicks, 2004 stories (un)folding

isbn: 8 2534646922 5 Stories ( Un) Folding PO Box 7994 Fredericksburg, Va 22404

The lilting tune "Gary Owen" belies the eerily haunting tale of Civil War events at the battlefield that permanently transformed the sleepy town of Frederiscksburg, Virginia into battle mayhem and subsequently a National Battlefield Park. The courage of " The Angel of Marye's Heights", a soldier long remembered after his days of service to humanity while in the Army of the Confederacy is shared in story on this poignant CD. Sgt. Richard Kirkland survived the siege at Fredericksburg and went on to serve in a later battle and die on the field of battle a young man whose promise was cut short, like so many others. His tale of courage and that of resident Martha Stevens and the soldiers of the indomitable Irish Brigade come forth in a personal telling that takes a dry lesson of history into living reality. hear Gary Owen at this site

Tuesday, December 14, 2010

Hearing Voices? Maybe Jay O'Callahan's

Baby it's cold outside, the weather just isn't delightful, so as long as it's gonna snow, tune in tonight ( 12/14/10) to 95.9 in Mass. or This is a much better way to pass a wintry night. Just before 8 p.m. make a cup of your favorite hot beverage. Pull on warm socks and wrap yourself and against a winter draft. Settle into a comfortable chair( OK if you tend to nod off then make it a uncomfortable chair) Tune your radio or computer to SPOKEN VOICES and listen.
This writers, book and storytellers group will bring you warm words, thoughts and some of their best mental meanderings. If the wind howls about the gables it's only jealous it can't come in and listen. You can listen though so tune in, I'll be there listening too. Jay O'Callahan and his group will be on the air waves this evening. If you have heard Jay's "Pouring the Sun" or "Forged in the Stars", you can already guess this might be some extraordinary listening.

Sunday, December 5, 2010

I've Been In-Spired!

I don't know what started me taking pictures of churches but I like to. I love the different styles and the incredible architecture. I can imagine what the architect was trying to say with each design. Our town has many different churches large and small they are all unique. Not all have spires but I do like to capture a spire in the sky. This is just a photo collection of some beautiful churches. Some of these churches are from stories I tell, some I visited, some just in passing and one I sing in every Sunday. Enjoy the peace they emanate and "in- spiration". Old South Church - Boston a picture in contrast
Park St. Church -Boston steeple of tiers

Mini- First Church - Mansfield,Ct. celebrating 300 years of Faith in Action

Lebanon Green Church Ct. Revolutionaries to today

First Church Mansfield Center, Ct , home

Norlands, Maine as Maine always is

General Theological Seminary New York City, like slipping back in time

Church of the Intercession New York City statley, dominant, peaceful, European flavor

Thompson, Ct. Congregational Church, a quiet corner gem!

Wednesday, December 1, 2010

Peace & William Ury: The walk from "no" to "yes" | Video on

In December we all begin to think again of Peace. We remember who is not here to celebrate the holidays, the soldiers. If we can find Peace all the fathers, mothers, sons and daughters could be where they wish to be on the holiday. We send greeting cards filled with messages of Peace but I hear little dialog when we gather. We lift our voices in songs of Peace, but there is no commentary after the last refrain. It is not enough to mail it to a friend or sing it on a Sunday, we need to begin to live it every day.

Below is a link in which William Ury discusses Peace through a story we can all understand. Do you have a few minutes to give Peace a chance. The one gift that should be on our minds this season is the gift of Peace.

William Ury: The walk from "no" to "yes" Video on