Sunday, January 1, 2012

Happy New Year! Top 10 Favorites of 2011

My blog that was most read  was about the fun game Rory's Story Cubes!

Favorite Photo of 2011:

because I was riding in the Hot Air balloon when I took this! At Fort Hill Farms
Thompson, CT.

Favorite Video of the year that I made:

Blue Hill's Jassper using the 1800's treadmill to demonstrate corn chopping! I adore Jassper! Thanks John and Mellissa Lavoie of Sew on and Sew  & Blue Hill Donkeys Franklin CT. for bringing Jassper out! ( find them on Facebook)

                       Big Day in 2011
My Son Tim graduated High School  Congratulations! 

Sweetest Moment 2011
At my Grandsons Baptism

Most Beautiful Venue for my storytelling:
I was there Dec. 23  with my epic tale Christmas Spirits

Most beautiful venue for my announcing:
Tunbridge, VT. The Lippitt Show  Preserving the old style foundation Morgan Horse

Big Projects 2011 there is a tie between  VoiceMail  an open mic for Storytelling ( we're on Facebook)
and Campus Slammer a project I worked on for  Connecticut Storytelling Center
                            Making this clip was lots of fun too! Thanks to friend Kelly!

Most Excitement Announcing
                                 Cowboy Mounted Shooting - The Northeast Regionals in NH
                             the host clubs:   

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