Saturday, February 11, 2012

Pinterst How To



Use Pinterest  to promote an event, a venue, a hobby, a profession, a place or the eclectic you!

Like having all the school bulletin boards to yourself!

Scrapbooking online, collect and pin up what you like!
There  is no limit to the fun things you can share and find via Pinterst. Technology can be the doorway to finding a broader audience, building network, and developing online skills.

     Videos, photos and articles about Carolyn Stearns Storyteller is  one of my Pinterest topics, there are so many I want to do, need to start horses or agriculture soon. Have the Donkey friends board started and the cowboys.

There are so many fun new technology tools to help us, so pick the ones that has appeal to you and jump in.  Need help? I'm teaching a pre-conference class in Albany New York March 16 1-5 pm has the registration. Here is a blog about it.


  1. I just started using this Carolyn. Not sure if I will stick with it; one more thing to sap my time but we shall see. :)


  2. Hi Karen, I've been reading very positive things about the links back to websites from Pinterest it is the hot new platform. Metrics look very good, higher than Google+