Sunday, May 9, 2010

Geneology of a Storytelling

Aetna, of Hartford, Ct., the insurance giant, has a huge auditorium at the home office. Yesterday ( Saturday May 8, 2010) I brought my Connecticut Stories to the Aetna 39 rs, their Retiree Group. The theatre lighting, railed balconies, carpeted main floor and huge stage behind me made for the perfect setting for sharing old and new tales from Connecticut. To add to it I had my own sound man taking care of me up in the booth and it was wonderful to have the use of such a nice system.

The stage, the floor & balcony seating would make an incredible venue for workshops as it was for performance. It is a real theatre right in the middle of the huge Aetna building. The main floor is flat and they say often has table seating for lunch meetings etc. Yesterday they pulled the tables and had rows of chairs in a semi circle for my performance.
I was booked by the Aetna 39rs a retirees group. Two members had seen me last year at St Isaacs an E. Hartford church. There I did a civil war performance and was booked for this meeting. I was booked to St Isaacs by someone who had seen me at The Historical Society of East Hartford, like a geneology these booking trails. I think it is important that we nurture the thought, "who is watching me today?" Somewhere in every audience is someone just thinking that they could hire me for a venue they are in charge of or pass my info onto the person in their social or professional circle who books entertainment and educational workshops. I was ready at the end to speak with a couple of people who approcahed me and asked about just that possibility. Passing along my buiness card and assuring them they could find plenty of info on my website. I wonder how far I will be able to track this geneology of performance places. I think i will keep a log of it for curiosities sake and to show me where my work comes from. Word of Mouth is still one of the best business builders out there and all it costs is the time to develope a product ( story) that listeners can grasp onto and take with them in memories.

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