Thursday, May 20, 2010


It is a very good thing I am not limited to a song a day for without music I wouldnt be happy. I sing in the barn and in the car ,while doing things around the house and yard, pretty near anywhere. I think that is why I was first drawn to the Song-A-Day Music Center in Coventry, Ct. http://www.http// My weekely outlet for my music is our Church choir at First Church of Christ in Mansfield Center, http://www.http// It doesn't matter to me what genre of music I'm singing, I like it all.

Song-A-Day Music Center sponsors an Open Mic once a month called Nightsongs. It is held at the Knights of Columbus Hall at 138 Snake Hil Rd. Coventry. This month it wil lbe held on May 27 a Thursday eve at 7 p.m. I am lucky enough to be the featured performer so I will be taking my stories and a little music to the event. If you can come out the donations collected at the door go to service work sponsored by the Knights of Columbus Group. Bring your instruments and sign in to be part of the lineup or where your listening shoes and come for the toe tapping music that will be offered up before and after my storytelling.

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