Thursday, February 13, 2014

Snow Day...Again

      Another Connecticut snow day has me locked away in my home office. I had work to get done, but since I was up early my long day included some arts. 

       I had a fun time exploring the new set of watercolors, they are fancy, in little aluminum tubes. I painted  this Cod, that must seem to be a funny art subject but I am working on some stories for a storytelling performance, Cod fishing and immigration are the core of my research.

       On the subject of Cod I highly recommend the book by that title, written by Mark Kurlansky. Here is a link to my review of the book in an earlier post.
      I stirred a big pot of chili and watched the snow assault the windows, my mind wandered. I grabbed my pad and penned the thoughts of snow, nothing fancy just a bit poetic, a rare journey for my mind.
Here is a piece of my writing from today
I hear you singing
Soft and distant
I hear you singing
a whispered tune
I hear you singing
 voice now bold
I hear you singing
crescendo to forte
I hear you singing
a herald to multitudes
I hear you singing
 lament to freedom
I hear you singing
Wrap me in your cloak of white
I hear you singing
all day and all night
I hear you singing
a song of centuries
I hear you
old friend and enemy
I hear you sing
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