Sunday, March 2, 2014

I'm Leaving You

    My close friends won't be surprised by my declaration of independence. My neighbors won't hold any grudge although some will miss socializing with "us" as a couple. I will learn to be social without the pain of the long tenuous relationship.
    We set out in our relationship so many years ago. We had the usual hot and heavy beginning but as the years passed the time we spent together has become such a burden. I don't regret a day of our past time together but know we have grown apart to an irreparable point. The thought of waking up to face you for another morning is too harsh.
    Once upon a time we lived and worked together in a magical world. Long ago we built great things together, that's all just a fading memory. Now each day together we give each other icy stares and the drudgery of a furrow too long in a cold and heartless relationship.
    I'm leaving you, good-bye!
This weekend March 6-7-8-9, 2014 I will be in Texas at the Tejas Storytelling Festival,
 it's spring in Texas!
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