Tuesday, June 3, 2014

Weathervane Story Resources; Everythings Ducky

A Duck in flight tops this building at a fair and tells us which way the wind blows. I love the artistry of the wings, very close to life like. Our foul friends show up in stories let's see what we can find!
Let's start our duck resource list with a Russian Folk Tale about a Duck That Lays Golden Eggs!
No collection of Duck resources would be complete with out The Ugly Duckling
Here is some Ugly Duckling Background info:
Here is a pre-school curriculum to go with the tale:
and another
How about an Aesop Fable: The Tortoise and the Ducks
(I also know this story as the Rattlesnake and the Vultures from Mexico)
In 1908 Miss Jemima Puddleduck was introduced to Peter Rabbit and the barnyard at Hill Top by Beatrix Potter
Listen to it here:
Here is the  e-book from Project Gutenberg
May of 1944 master story artist Walt Disney introduces Donald Duck
Henry the Duck has a website with an ongoing list of stories chronicling his many adventures:
Here are some stories not from storytelling but from Duck Hunters - there was even a proposal on a duck hunting trip, from Ducks Unlimited a long list of stories:
Along the same lines a collection of duck  and outdoorsmen stories from the 1940's is available in the 3 book set by Gordon Macquarrie
Couldn't close this without a reference to the popular game Duck Duck Goose try it with wet sponges for Drip Drip Splash
The image for Duck Duck Goose from a great resource of children's games:
Photos taken at Goodwin Forest Conservation Education Center
Here are a couple of previous Weathervane posts:

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